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Birthdate:May 5
Location:Rödinghausen, NRW, Germany

PEACHES + fabienne + germany's most common last name + may '83 + lady + german + writer + single and fabulous + tourism- and eventsmanagemant graduate + fangirl + obsessive + works with a bunch of guys + lj addict + friendslist spammer + slasher + squees a lot + researcher + reads + a head full of useless info + needs to be in bed by 11 + morning person + plays air-drums + loves her car + dyed hair + tv shows + turned on by lawyers + needs to get a life + digs quotations + interested + multi-tasks + procrastinates like a pro + loves wesley and charlie + no tats no piercings + her apple pie is freaking worth it + classique by gaultier + ben and jerry's phish food + jewelry + stubborn + vanilla + yankee candles + tea and coffee addict + crossover otps + likes "the rules" + sam!girl

THE LIVEJOURNAL + friends only + created in 2002 + fandom meets real life + bitching + memes + polls + writing + tv show reviews + sarcasm + wonderful flist + just ask peaches + updated regularly + a peach offering

THE FANGIRL + angel + buffy the vampire slayer + dark angel + dead like me + er + friday night lights + friends + gilmore girls + heroes + how i met your mother + leverage + project runway + samantha who + scrubs + supernatural + the naked chef + veronica mars

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angel, asylum 2, austin powers' mojo, back to the future, baking, being quasi evil, being spoilerfree, blink 182, brother for sale, buffy the vampire slayer, candy! it's sweet!, chocolate, cooking, creativity, crossover, cutedean, dancing, dark angel, daydreaming, dead like me, der waffel haus, die ärzte, diet coke of evil, drabbles, drinking_to_bring_john_winchester_back, english, er, fanfic, fashion, feeding dean, feeding juicy oranges to jared, fighting the good fight, friday night lights, friends, getting rich, ghostfacers, gilmore girls, gold digging, gostfacers, happy little lawns, heroes, how i met your mother, i support the strike, icons, jarebear, jared padalecki, jennybean, jensen ackles, , lauren graham, leverage, love actually, me, nerd rock, nerf herder, photoshop, pie, project runway, quoting movies, random fandom, really good sandwiches, sam/dean, samanddean, samantha who, sarcasm, scrubs, sewing patterns, shoes, shopping, singin, singing in the car, singing in the shower, single and fabulous, slash, slow-dancing aliens, socks, sparkly balloons!!, special hell, splashing in puddles, squick, suiting up!, supernatural, thinking, ugly plaid shirts, useless info, veronica mars, watch of male partnership, weirdness, writing
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